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All registered users


All Registered Users

To register with the All4learn online platform you must provide a valid email address and accurate information about yourself. At our discretion we may refuse a username if it is inappropriate for any reason, e.g. a trademark or is offensive. If we notice that any information given by you is untrue or inaccurate we have the right to delete your registration without notice, at any time. Your personal information is subject to our Privacy Policy, which can be found here.

You must keep your username and password confidential. Should you approve another individual to use your account you are solely responsible for their actions. If you are using the account on behalf of an organization, you must be authorized to represent that organization. If you find that there has been unauthorized use of your account, you agree to notify All4learn immediately.

You must not interfere or disorder any aspect of the All4learn online platform. In agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree to:

· Treat other users of the All4learn online platform with respect and courtesy, ensuring that your use complies with their legal rights

· Keep information provided by, or on behalf of All4learn in your possession and not supply it to any third party

In agreeing to these terms and conditions you understand that All4learn does not own, control, quality assure accuracy of content or endorse products and services for sale on  All4learn disclaims all responsibility and liability for the information and products displayed on and sold through the online platform, including accuracy, legality, content and reliability.

As All4learn does not buy or sell the seller’s products and services, both buyers and sellers understand and agree that if disputes arise between them that All4learn is not responsible or liable for any losses, claims, damages, costs or demands of any kind, known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed arising from such disputes.

Users of the site understand and agree that any feedback and ratings they post to the All4learn online platform will be publicly available for viewing. All4learn is not responsible for monitoring, checking or editing the feedback or ratings posted on the online platform and is not liable for any claims or actions connected with any feedback or ratings. Registered users should use the contact form on the online platform to report any inappropriate or dishonest feedback and All4learn will investigate the claim. It will be at the discretion of All4learn as to whether the feedback should be removed.

Links to external online platforms on the All4learn site are not under the control of All4learn and therefore the content and operation of such linked sites are not their responsibility.

You can close your account at any time and for any reason by notifying us. Once your account has been closed you will need to re-register to sell or purchase products and services.


As a seller you agree to appoint All4learn as your non-exclusive agent to display, market and sell products and services that are owned by or licensed to you; you warrant that you are the original author and own the copyright of the product or service and therefore have the right to sell the products and services or that you are a licensee with sufficient authority to do so. In agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree that in selling products and services through the All4learn online platform you are not infringing any legal or intellectual property rights of any third party and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless All4learn from and against all losses, damages, costs and expenses suffered or incurred by All4learn as a result of or in connection with any intellectual property infringement claim brought or threatened by any third party. All4learn has no responsibility or liability with respect to any claims arising from infringement of the law in any country in relation to the products and services All4learn displays, markets and sells on behalf of third parties. Products and services displayed and sold through the All4learn online platform remain the property of the seller. The seller has sole responsibility and control of their products and services, including risk of loss.

As an All4learn seller you agree to the publication of feedback and ratings about your products and services, even though the feedback may be critical, insulting or defamatory and you waive all rights against All4learn in respect of any liability in connection with the publication of defamatory comments about you or your organization. Should a registered user post inappropriate, untrue or dishonest comments about you or your products you should use the contact form on the online platform to report them and All4learn will investigate your claim. It will be at the discretion of All4learn as to whether the feedback should be removed. Please note that All4learn will not monitor feedback posted on the All4learn online platform.

You, the seller, will provide the required information for your products and services as required by All4learn. You must ensure that the information you provide is accurate, complete and not misleading. You are solely responsible for setting the price of your products and services and any discounts attributed to those products. However, All4learn requires that you price your products and services for no more than they are advertised elsewhere online. If an All4learn buyer locates the exact same product at a lower price you will be required to sell your product on the All4learn online platform for the lower price to that buyer. Also responsibility lies with you the seller to define any applicable duration for access to your products and services, should these be delivered through your own online system. You are solely responsible for the process, format and expense of delivery of your products and services through your own systems.

You give All4learn, as your agent, the authority to collect the value of all purchases of your products and services made through the All4learn on your behalf. In general, you agree to pay All4learn 30% commission on the sale of your products and services sold through All4learn, calculated as a percentage of the total net price of your product or service.

All4learn reserves the right to modify the commissions charged to sellers, following a review of the commission structure and such changes will be communicated to sellers appropriately to give appropriate time notification.

All4learn will collect the value of suppliers’ sales, from buyers. Commission payable by the seller will be deducted from the collected amount and will be payable to the seller by All4learn, around 7 days following sales that have been made. Payments to sellers will be made as per the information supplied in the Sellers Registration instruction form.

As a seller you are required to have your own Refunds and Returns policy or to agree to the terms of the All4learn Refunds and Returns policy, which states that a refund will be issued if a purchased on-line course has not been delivered by the seller or there is a legitimate dispute on the content of the course and the refund claim is made within 3 days after the course was delivered. Refunds will be looked at on a case by case basis, but requests will normally only be upheld for products and services purchased that are not as described by the seller. Refunds will not be issued if an on-line course has not been accessed within the course duration as described in the product details.  In submitting your seller’s information to All4learn and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions you give All4learn authority to implement your sellers Refunds and Returns policy or if requested the All4learn Refunds and Returns policy.

If All4learn refunds a buyer for the value of a product or service they have purchased, in accordance with the agreed Refunds and Returns policy, the refund will be applied against any amounts owed to you, the seller. If no amounts are owed, then All4learn will invoice you for the amount paid to you for those sales that were refunded.

You may withdraw any of your products and services for sale from the All4learn online platform by providing All4learn with 30 days’ written notice; however, you are required to fulfil any sales that have been made.


Seller Rules

You must:

· When submitting a product or service for sale accurately complete the sellers process under the All4learn online platform

· Following notification of a sale of an online course delivered by your organization respond to requests from All4learn for user access details to the course within one working day

· Ensure that all submitted products comply with applicable laws and are not copied or duplicated in any format

You are prohibited to:

· Divert All4learn users to another online platform or sales process either through links, advertisements, marketing messages or “calls to action”

· Do not contact All4learn customers directly, unless the customer has purchased a product or service through the All4learn online platform and has sought support from you for that product or service

· In any communication with All4learn customers you must not include advertisements, marketing messages or “calls to action” that encourage customers away from the All4learn online platform and keep the communication limited to details around support of your product or service

· Misuse the ratings and feedback forum. Do not include inappropriate comments or personal information about any user or supplier in feedback.